Monday, October 1, 2012

Purging the House

Today our plan is to start purging the house of things we no longer need, never needed or are just plain tired of. The plan is to keep the house stocked with the bare minimum for living and take our personal items (pictures, clothing, etc.) with us or put them in storage. That way, if the house needs to be used by the church or friends passing through, it is available and not cluttered with our things. 

My first step is to start in one room and make a pile of things - many organizational sites suggest a three box method; one for storage, one for give away, and one to toss. I might end up doing this but for now, I have a plan to take pictures of my items and place them on various Facebook sites that I belong to. 

Side note: I love these sites. Many of them are to sell your items but there are two that are basically set up to help people out. You place your items on there for free, but the person who accepts your items must post items to replace what they took (Pay-it-forward kindof deal). I love the concept and will support it as much as I can. So, for now, all my little bits will be posted on these two sites and the bigger items we want to sell, will be posted on the others.
The problem is, this may be too time consuming as we have 15+ years of 'stuff' or as some would call it, JUNK. Just the thought overwhelms me but I have support. One of my favorite sites for getting one's self in gear.

At any rate, I should get off this blog and get busy. Unless, there are fairies I can purchase that will do this all for me. Any ideas? I do need a coach... I love my things. 
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