Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In the beginning...

Hi everyone! 
We decided to start a new blog to document our adventures in purchasing a new RV, all that goes into packing said RV, and hitting the open road. 
This is not our first RV purchase so we knew after owning two very different styles of motor homes, what we were looking for. Our first coach was a very old Concord that we had a ball in with two dogs and two kids. This coach was old when we bought it but we wanted to try it out and see if we would like it on something inexpensive. 

After vacationing in this one on weekends, we were hooked. The kids loved it, we loved it and the dogs just went along for the ride. We then decided to "upgrade" a bit and take the plunge by moving into an RV, homeschooling the kids, and trying out RV Park life. We bought a Beaver Coach that was made right there in my hometown and left our home for a lovely RV park off of I-5. The kids especially enjoyed this since the park had a pool and after "class" they were rewarded with time in the pool or on the playground. We were able to pull out after work and head to another location just for a change of scenery. Also, this was when gas was quite a bit cheaper! :)

Fast forward several years- Don had a stroke so we sold the Beaver. The kids are mow grown and after his recovery of 7 years, we felt we wanted to give it a try again so we bought the Winnebago Brave from our neighbor. This motor home was a great starter for us since it was smaller than the Beaver, compact but yet roomy enough that you didn't really have that cracker box feel if you were just weekend camping or on a short trip. This is the motor home in which I learned to drive a big rig - but more on that later.

Now we have purchased another one and will pick it up tomorrow (hopefully!) We have taken two trips to Oregon/Washington in the Brave and had an absolute blast. During the first trip, we were hooked even more and decided we wanted to seriously think about part time RVing but we had so many things to think about and clear up before we could venture into that territory. Things like kids in college, a house to make decisions on, grandchildren, and too many pets to take along in this small of a coach. It wasn't until our second trip that we decided we were closer to being ready. So after shopping around, and determining if we wanted to go with a new coach or a used one, we settled on one that I think we will enjoy for many years. Show and tell coming soon!

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