Thursday, September 27, 2012

Move in day!

Today we told our family and friends about the new coach via Facebook. This was so much fun since I had been posting bits and pieces about a big surprise coming. Many were excited and apparently, counting down the minutes. At one point, I was reminded that it had already been 4 hours since I had posted and it was time to share the news! So, I did. LOL 
At any rate, our people seem to be very excited for us and for that I am grateful.
We headed to the bank this morning to wrap up all the paperwork and get everything signed, sealed and close to getting delivered. A few things cropped up in this meeting that we weren't counting on but it wasn't so bad that we lost the deal. Just those little bits that can either roll off your back or just sit in the back of your brain and bug you. (Click pic for more) 
 Things like that silly concept of the "right of rescission" which is really for your own protection and essentially gives you the right to back out of the deal within a 3 day period when using your using your home's  equity for your loan. And other things like waiting for a title search to make sure noone has placed a lein against your property.  However, we have waited forever for this day and I doubt we are backing out. :) Nevertheless, we have to wait those pesky few days before we can drive her off the lot, permanently. It's looking like late next week...
It turned out okay though, because this gave us the opportunity to have some things worked on, replaced, and updated while it sits at the dealers without us having to drive it around to various places and wasting our precious gas. So between the bank issues and these projects, the wait won't seem so bad. 
After the bank, we took care of other business, like breakfast and dropping off a car we were putting on consignment. After that, it was time to move in! So off we went to get the trade-in coach and unload it into the new one. Boy, was that a lot of work! Fun work, but hard non-the-less. The dealer did this really fun walk through with one of the tech's who taught us all about our new coach and how to use all the bells and whistles. 

Our Tech, a cowboy kinda guy, was so thorough that we forgot nearly everything he said except "You will forget 90% of what I have just said, so you will have to just take her out and play with her to learn her ways." He was right. We did forget; and play with her, we will. Funny enough, it was through this walkthrough that we found out we had more coach than we thought we did. Little (BIG) things like solar panels to charge the battery bay, fun things like a switch that will help when changing from the generator to electric and vice versa, a motor home cover (!!!), and a pile of other things that I can't remember. I suggest that even seasoned RV'rs don't skip this step when buying a coach. It is amazing what you learn! 

Well, that was our day and we ended it with a big family trip to the Circus in town. What a grand way to end the day of such fun, stress, frustration, but something that will be worth it all in the end. 

Next up - 
 What do do with the house, furnishings, and pets now that we are ready to hit the trail in a few months

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