Sunday, May 5, 2013

From one toad to another...

Okay, okay... I am over my pity-party on the toad purchase.
Here, as promised, is the picture of the new toad...
While she may not be much to look at, at least she will do all the things we wanted in the new toad.
1. Get us from point A to point B.
2. Haul passengers who need a ride.
3. Give us a bit of room to stretch out and enjoy a longer ride
4. Decent gas mileage
5. Haul more JUNK that we THINK we need on our travels.

Okay, beware, back to whining!
Why can't we leave already? I shouldn't complain since this time in Oklahoma at any given year is usually unbearably hot already but this year is different. This year is rainy and cool - which I LOVE and ADORE.
We will be leaving soon, though. This trip back to the PNWest is a big trip since its our family reunion on my mom's side and my youngest niece's wedding. AND she has asked her favorite auntie to take her wedding photo's! I feel so honored to be such a big part of her day.
So, I am gearing up in my "what to do before we leave" chores and adding a few this year. For instance, clean out the fridge and freezers completely. Pare down our food stored to what I can fit in the RV - just in case the power should fail for weeks on end and we aren't home for months on end.

perhaps I will start with this... until then, have a great Sunday and hope you are having fun on your latest adventure! 

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