Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to the grind

Hi Y'all!

I picked up my accent as I walked through the front door yesterday! Did y'all miss me? Is that a bit of a presumptuous question?

Well, we are home from our travels. We thought things were in pretty good shape, except the back yard, until I walked into the laundry room to get some cleaner for my poor island that had a bag of onions left on it to rot (YUCK!). What greeted me was a puddle of water all over the floor and a split hot water heater. <sigh>

That has been replaced as has the defunct push mower for the yard. Good grief, home-ownership sure does make one want to go right back to their RV and LEAVE!

Nevertheless, the projects are getting completed thanks to that really nice driver I have. He is pretty handy with a crescent wrench and a gas can!

Over the next 10 weeks I will be writing but not so much on here (unless it's to gripe and whine). I am in the thesis portion of my masters and will need to focus most of my time on that. I would most certainly rather be doing THIS, but... well, I need to get this project done too.

Thanks for traveling with us here and on Facebook and sorry that I didn't update more often. See ya in late November!


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