Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our stuff is like rabbits - it multiplies

Hi all!

Well, I thought I might take a break from my thesis writing to hang out over here and talk about something else besides scholastic "stuff". Okay,  I've not been spending as much time on the scholastic stuff as I should but, well, that is another post.

I have also been hanging out on some Facebook RV pages that we've joined and noticed an influx of people having issues with purging their stuff but most of all, becoming overwhelmed with the task. Here's to you, because we have all been there in one way or another. Perhaps you've moved from a big house to a small house or you've had to move in with someone else, or like us, you are moving into an RV. Either way, we've most likely had to deal with clutter and paring down.

As I suggested to one over burdened poster, one room or section at a time worked well for us. However, I think that if it's possible to move into your RV for a time, it makes the de-cluttering easier since you know what you can store and what you can't. It also puts you in a different mindset and getting rid of things you normally would keep or take for granted, no longer really matter - your focus is on living in an RV and traveling.

We have returned from our summer travels and now we are back into the swing of things; however, it appears that our stuff has been breeding like rabbits. The house looks full and cluttered, again! THAT in itself is depressing but I know it's not possible for stuff to breed so it's just my perception of the view.

Time to start over and get going on getting rid of more stuff.
Here's to keeping the process going... sell... donate... throw away... burn... <sigh>

** this was actually a pile of stuff that we were getting rid of. 

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