Sunday, March 31, 2013

Houston! We have a leak...

What is more annoying than waking up to find your roof leaking? Nothing that I can think of.

Yes, the house is leaking so that gives us a new project on the top of our priority list. Apparently, I failed as a wife to "listen" and my husband has no desire to tear down the house and install an RV pad per my suggestion, so we now have to replace a roof.

Anyway, Happy Easter!

We had a lovely time at church with our kids and then lunch with the grands and their dad. Their mom also made a big boo boo and scheduled lunch with us AND at her mom's house so she went there while Gary came and ate with us. :)

Nevertheless, tomorrow I will be calling for estimates on the roof and starting my spring cleaning job. I found a great list on the internet that I will share with you tomorrow. :D

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