Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We are kind of at a standstill for now. The plan was to be in Kamiah, Idaho this week before we headed back home but with the wildfires burning in that area, decided to stay put. That decision came in handy for a couple of reasons. 1. we are around to help dad build the porch on the rental house and 2. we are available to attend my aunt's retirement party! Yay for retirement!
In other news, I passed my last masters class with flying colors and have started looking at the materials for my thesis program - a whole 12 weeks to write a huge paper and argue my beliefs. THAT should be fun! :)
At any rate, we will be leaving on Monday to head back to Oklahoma. I intend to really focus on several things when I get back but we all know how that goes! Life happens and staying focused is the hard part.

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