Friday, August 9, 2013

Yeah, We've been busy!

So, obviously we've left sunny Oklahoma! We have been in Oregon for 2 months but in the mean time, this is what was going on.
We traveled across the country staying the night in Pilot truck-stops and eating breakfast at whatever restaurant they had (Dennys, Subway, or the Denny's substitute... cant remember the name!) Lunch and dinner was usually a quickly made sandwich, bowl of soup or junk food. The latter being the most likely.

When we arrived at Mom and Dads Backyard RV park in the Eugene area, we were plum tuckered out, but quickly got busy helping with chores they needed done and getting things on our RV squared away for the next leg of our journey.
Idaho or bust!!!

It is family reunion time on my mom's side so we caravanned with them to Kamiah, Idaho where the 2cd bi-annual family reunion was held. We met with family and friends and had a great time! A little about the park, The Lewis and Clark Resort is under new ownership and now offers home park memberships! We had been looking for a "home park" to buy into so we could get a membership to a club (Coast to Coast, Resorts of Distinction, RPI, etc.). This park, while still being worked on, gave us what we were looking for at a very reasonable cost so we bought it. YAY!!! we have a home park! <happy dance!>
On our way back to Oregon with membership papers in hand and great memories in our hearts, we experienced our very first RV trauma; a flat on the toad. After the kind man followed us out of the last town we traveled through and flagged us down, only to tell us that "you've got a big problem!" did we notice that our toad was missing a tire, a rim, AND was sporting only 2/3rds of the rotor. <insert sobbing> We were out of cell range, my parents were miles ahead of us, and we were stuck on the side of the road. It occurred to us that we would be able to use the spare doughnut (which was nearly flat) to get us into town. Yay for Pendleton, Oregon!!! We were able to get to Les Shwab and get what we needed. Back on the road!
We get home, and the next morning we attended my cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding for sure! Then we were headed off to a star party. If you are not familiar with what a star party is, it is a group of astronomers (pro's and amateurs) that get together with their telescopes and go look at the heavens. Even if you don't have a telescope of your own, you are generally free to come (its free to get in, too!) and look through theirs. This is always grand fun.
In between the star party and July 20th, we planned my dad's surprise 70th b-day party. My uncle and aunt were able to drive in from West Virginia for the event and the party was a smashing success with a "this is your life" kind of atmosphere. Dad was surprised, we all cried and were touched at the love in the room.
Now you know why my blogging had slowed! Phew, I am tired!

Dad's party is over but the party didn't end until everyone went home. Skip and Jolene Nordahl came down for a week and John and Patti were here for 3 weeks in which we went to the coast (Florence, Oregon) and to see the Elk outside of Reedsport, Oregon.... oh what fun!
Next stop, Portland, Oregon to fix an Aunt's car and then to Drain, Oregon to visit "family camp" and "junior camp" respectively (for the denomination I grew up in). It was like old home week to go see my friends from my childhood all in one place!! While there, I went to visit my cousin who lives way out in the "pucker brush" and is my bestest Drain, Oregon Cousin. I've gotta be careful here because I have a best Virgina cousin, a best Hawaii cousin and a best Portland cousin and .... well, you get it.
So, yesterday I returned from my best Drain, Oregon cousins house where we looked at the family tree and then at all my boring vacation pictures. I took her to lunch and then we went to have ice-cream at a popular tourist stop on I-5. Tomorrow I have a class reunion, Sunday we go to Salem to see my other aunt and uncle, then ... well... thats as far ahead as I can think at the moment. I am plum wore out! Oh! Patti and I made plum jam out of dad's plums! Aren't we plum Lucky? <snicker>

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